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Hydra Comics

Headless websites have become the latest trend on the internet. Known for blazing fast performance, these types of sites are perfect for sites with a lot of traffic or that have a history of slow performance. Poor site speed performance can lead to higher drop rates as users become frustrated and abandon the site before completing their desired actions. Research has shown that the average user will leave a website if it hasn't loaded within 3 seconds.

We built this site using React with Next Js. It uses Wordpress as it's back-end, so you still have the power of the Wordpress Admin but with the screaming fast performance of a React Web App.

Headless WordPress can improve site speed by decoupling the front-end from the back-end, allowing developers to use modern frameworks and libraries optimized for speed and performance. With a traditional WordPress setup, the site's front-end relies on the back-end to deliver content and assets, causing delays and potential lag. By contrast, headless WordPress stores all content in a central database and provides an API to deliver that content to the front-end. This enables developers to optimize the site's performance by using fast, lightweight technologies, such as React or Vue.js, to render pages quickly and efficiently. Additionally, headless WordPress allows for faster development cycles, as front-end changes can be made independently of the back-end, reducing the likelihood of errors or conflicts that could slow down the site.

Headless WordPress is a term used to describe a WordPress website that has been decoupled from its front-end, allowing developers to build custom front-end applications using their preferred technologies. With a headless approach, content and data from a WordPress site can be accessed via an API, which can then be used to power mobile apps, custom web applications, or any other type of digital experience. This approach provides more flexibility and control over the user experience, and can be particularly useful for businesses and organizations that need to provide unique, branded experiences to their audiences.

Hydra Comics site score A+
Hydra Google Score 97%

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Technology Security & Compliance Solutions Inc.

TSCS needed a site that was blazing fast and SEO efficient.

By leveraging our expertise in web development and the latest technology, we implemented a headless architecture that decoupled the frontend and backend of the WordPress site. This innovative approach allowed TSCS to enjoy unparalleled speed and performance, enhancing the overall user experience for their visitors.

Through meticulous optimization techniques, we fine-tuned the site's performance, ensuring rapid loading times and seamless navigation across devices. Our team implemented advanced caching mechanisms, minimized resource requests, and leveraged content delivery networks (CDNs) to maximize the site's responsiveness and reliability.

With our blazing fast headless WordPress solution, TSCS experienced a significant boost in site speed, leading to improved user engagement, increased conversions, and higher search engine rankings. By delivering an exceptional browsing experience, we helped TSCS solidify their online presence and establish themselves as a leader in their industry.

Hydra Comics site score A+
TSCS Google Score 99%

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Modern Man Soap

The Modern Man Soap Company needed a completely custom ecommerce solution.

Their needs were plain. They needed a lightning fast site that displayed their products in an enticing manor. They required a completely custom admin that increased production and improved customer interactivity. The admin also needed to display user information that would then be used to improve marketing efforts.

We delivered a website that we believe to be the industries best. It's blows their competition away. We were able to cut their order fulfillment time by 50%.

The site is a completely custom ecommerce solution.

Modern Man site score A+
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Apex Power

Apex Power Services Corporation came to us in need of a web presence. They wanted the site to have a modern look and feel. They wanted the site to display the content they had written in an innovative, user friendly fashion. They also wanted a way for potential customers to contact them.

Joe-Websites gave them a fresh new look with some pretty cool parallax effects. We gave them a self scrolling navigation so we could get enough content on the page to make it an SEO beast!

We sorted out their many services by category and put descriptions inside a fold out, which makes the content very user friendly.

We created the site using the Zend2 Framework, so it loads in 2.5 seconds. A pretty fantastic feat considering the large imagery used on the website.

We also gave them a contact form that sorts out contacts by department. And added a google map that makes it super easy to find them.

We think you'll agree it's the coolest energy solutions site on the web.

apex power site score A+
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Unigo is a WordPress website that services over 4 million users.

Let me say that again, Unigo is a Wordpress site that has over 4 million users. This is not the norm for a WordPress site.

They needed a site that utilizes many webservices and provides multi-layered functionality at a high rate of speed.

This site utilizes Cloud services such as CloudFlare Cache which added some unique challenges on it's own. This is probably one of the largest, high volume sites ever created on the WordPress platform.

Unigo site score A+

FSD Resources

FSD is a glass shower door installation company. They came to Joe-Websites with a problem. The problem was mis-measured glass. They were losing money, having to re-cut mis-measured glass.

They asked if Joe-Websites could come up with solution where installers could put their measurements into a mobile device, like and iPad, as they are on site. The app would then validate the measurements they entered and either accept them if they measure correclty or reject them if not.

Joe-Websites gave them an iPad/Desktop app that would offer 110 different door types (As much as they sell) for installers/customers to choose from. Using javascript and SVG graphics an interface was built that can, in real time, tell an installer if their measurements add up correctly and correct them if they do not.

The interface offers installation tutorial videos and many other features that streamline the installation process.

When the measurements are correctly entered and the customer signs off on them, a measurement diagram (Pictured) is then inserted into a CRM for the glass factory to review before cutting a new glass door.

This app has saved them money in countless re-cuts, and has separated them from their competition.

Image of FSD Resources App
Image of Table55

Table 55 Menu

Table55 needed 4 menus for their website. They needed them to load fast and to be mobile friendly.

Joe-Websites delivered all 4 menus in a single page application. Doing this loads all 4 menus in under 3 seconds.

The default menu changes depending on time of day. The breakfast menu is the default in the morning, the lunch menu is the default mid-day, dinner in the evening and drinks at night.

All menus break down beautifully on mobile and load lightning fast.

Table 55 site score A+


We would be remiss to not speak of our own website.

Built using, lightning fast, Laravel. This site loads in a fraction over 2 seconds. The image slider in the header is pure css (WordPress Plugin version in the works). It features a slide in contact form and a custom shopping cart for purchasing plugins. Much of the site functionality is written using the Vue.js framework.

Joe-Websites site score A+
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